Big Surprise: Sucky Websites Suck!

Back when the internet was new to farm kids (the 90s), I tried visiting the National Film Board site. It was one of those experiences I’ll never forget because I still complain about it.

The website was terrible (granted, most were at that time.) But it was such a frustrating experience that I never returned.

Years later, my husband mentioned that he was browsing the NFB site and was praising it for how great it was. “That piece of crap!?” I chimed, and went on to tell him the same story that I’ve told him (the poor man!) a billion times: their sucky website drove me away. For good. Upon visiting it again, my husband calmly showing me that (surprise!) it had been updated sometime in the last twenty years, I was able to finally put to rest this secret resentment for the sucky website that scarred my soul.

So what about now, when everyone has a website and likely not the capacity to keep it up to date and relevant?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy released an article that suggests that 75% of young donors are turned off by out of date websites.

Firstly, uhm, duh!

Secondly, the figure is probably more like 100%, it’s just that 25% have patience to deal with crap.

Thirdly, why is this figure limited to young donors? (I know, I know, millennials are a sexy topic/distraction right now)

Here’s an article/title wrapped up all in one:

Sucky websites suck and piss off 100% of everyone whether they’ll admit it or even realize it.

And just to show you I’m over my two decade long grudge, here’s a link to the NFB site (which is really pretty, by the way.)