I Want YOUR #DonorLove Wisdom!


We love donors, yes we do!

I can’t express how excited I am for the #DonorLove Rendezvous in May. You can read more about my excitement here… and if that weren’t enough here!

What excites me most is that it’s not an ordinary conference… you know: experts at the front, all of us other “nobodies” sitting in the crowd, picking at our crusty breakfast croissants and getting lost in the hallucinogenic carpet of a hotel conference room.

This Donor Love Rendezvous is a movement. All of us are experts. And all of us are learning. Most important: all of us are contributing to the Donor Love movement that will bring forth change in the nonprofit sector. 

I’m so excited that I will be giving away custom made Donor Love wood block calendars to everyone in attendance. 

What’s a wood block calendar, you may ask?


(See more images here… as well as a lovely peanut butter pie that my friend made, which shows up in the search as a bonus!)

A few years ago, with the help of my amazing Dad, I created something I had been imagining for years. My Dad, Ric Miller, a farmer/carpenter/welder/dreamer, jumped at the chance to help me make the perfect little gift for people who inspire me. The response was awesome, and I’m happy to say that my first version of these calendars sit on desks of people who I admire most, right across the globe! (And yes, I know, you need page refills… I’m working on it!)

When I asked my Dad if he would help me make another batch, he jumped on the chance to help, and has been working hard over the past few weeks to cut, sand, and perfect another batch. With the help of my husband, my kids, and YOU, we are going to create something one-of-a-kind just for Donor Lovers like you – to inspire you at your desks every day for the next TWO YEARS! Imagine… Donor Love brightening your day until we ring in 2018!

But I need your help! 

No one knows more about Donor Love than you… and I want to share your wisdom!

My calendars will feature quotations from individuals that focus on the theme of Donor Love. But rather than arbitrarily choose, I want your input.

Send me your best Donor Love sound bites, quotations, and words of wisdom for a chance to be featured on one of the Donor Love calendar pages!

This could be your own words of wisdom, or an amazing quotation you think embodies the Donor Love movement. Think quotations about giving, gratitude, generosity… or statements about how to bring Donor Love into everything you do. They can be through provoking, funny, charming, matter-of-fact. Whatever you think embodies what Donor Love is all about!

Twenty winners will be chosen by a panel of discerning judges (me, my husband, and my dad) 

All winners will receive a completed wood block calendar of their very own AND will be entered into a draw to win a Donor Love care package! All winners will also have their name added to the month where their quotation is featured (even if you happened to enter an Aristotle quotation… your name will be inked right alongside!)

And depending on how many entries we receive, there many be a very special little surprise for each entry (I’m not a super hero, though, so no promises! :)

Enter your name, email and quotation here — you can enter AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!

Winners will be chosen Monday, February 22. 

Good luck, donor lovers!