Monday Morning Mugshots – October 20, 2014


FALL HAS BEEN INSANE. Between navigating work deadlines and work drama, a local transit strike, and the day to day with four kids, I’m feeling a little drained. But last week saw a bit of release, relax and recharge. From an amazing conversation with the FUCKING AWESOME Mazarine TreyzAndrea Kopylech’s gorgeous art opening, to a beautifully long chat with the inspiring Jasmin Fookes, a night out for great scotch with the dynamic Ken Glover, and finally escaping the city with my most perfect Phil to hit the cabin for a sweet 24 hours. I smell like fire, I’ve been eating meat from a gas station, and I couldn’t be happier!

Last week I managed to write two pieces – perhaps from their curmudgeoning you can tell I needed I getaway?

In Better Strategic Planning, I address some of the problems I see with the typical strategic planning session. I offer some solutions to help make these artifacts and events more useful for everyone.

What do donors REALLY want? We hope it’s long-term, committed relationships (whereby we show a lot of love and gratitude.) But some donors might not want that. How do we begin to create relationships with people who have a different set of expectations and desired outcomes?

So the theme of the week? SELF CARE. After a really long and lovely chat with Mazarine, AKA Wild Woman Fundraising, I was left feeling relaxed, refreshed and excited. Not only because she’s incredible and has great ideas, but because Mazarine has been thinking a lot about self-care in our sector, and she drops some mega pearls of wisdom for me.

I could go on a really long ramble right now, but Mazarine has already wonderfully begun to lay out some ideas about self-care. You need to read them. Start here, and make your way here.

And take good care of yourself. Please.