Nonprofit Boundaries: Submissions Requested


Nonprofit professionals are prone to having boundary issues. This is something I’ve been talking, writing and researching about for a while.

We stay late. We take on more and more responsibilities, even if it is impossible to keep up with the increasing demands. We take it all home with us. We dream about it. It stares back at us as we ponder into our morning cups of coffee.

We sacrifice our mental health and well-being.

But it isn’t hopeless. 

First and foremost, there is a growing movement of self-care and playfulness inside our sector.

And there are also people out there who have learned to draw better lines in the sand – creating stronger boundaries for themselves, and a more harmonious workplace in general.

Are you one of those individuals?

This coming April, I will be presenting on Nonprofit Boundaries at the upcoming Fundraising Career Conference – and I want to share stories from inside the field on how people have dealt with boundary issues.

How did your first recognize that you had a boundary problem? What steps did you take to create stronger boundaries? What were the challenges in making the change? And what was the ultimate outcome for you and your workplace?

Are you still struggling? I’d love to hear from you, too – what are your biggest hurdles? What kinds of tools would be helpful for you to overcome your biggest boundary challenges? What are the toughest things about maintaining strong boundaries at your workplace?

I will be interviewing interested participants between now and mid-March. If you are featured in my presentation or in a supporting article, you can choose to remain anonymous or have your name published however you choose. (Except maybe “Seymour Butts” or “I.P. Freely”… not without some kind of government issued ID, anyway!) 

If you are interested in having a conversation with me, please do get in touch with me directly by email. I will be in touch shortly to set up a phone or Skype call to capture your story.

If you are featured, I will even send you a very special prize in the mail. Because everyone loves prizes in the mail!

We’re in this together, my friends! Let’s share our wisdom and experiences to strengthen the whole sector.