OPP – Other People’s Philanthropy

O is for other, P is for People, scratch a temple:
The last P, well, that’s not so simple…

One thing I’ve noticed about fundraisers is that we’re naughty by nature (harhar). We are connectors, relationship builders, catalysts, and storytellers. But man oh man, do we use a lot of futzy-crusty language to talk about what we do, often to the completely wrong audience (gulp: the donor!)

I posted a few times on needing to change the way we view philanthropy from inside the field, but what about that vast, open prairie full of donors? What about PMnoobs who are brand new to their careers? What about these freaky millennials that everyone keeps talking about?

We’re pretty self-righteous when it comes to our own definition of philanthropy. We each approach what we do with a unique professional philosophy about fundraising, community, and related to the people we work with. Your values are important, and should be celebrated (hooray!) because what you do is important, necessary, and dammit, someone has to do something (thank you)… but our definitions don’t really matter, do they?

People support you because what you do aligns with what they believe.

Show people how you will meet their needs instead of convincing them to meet yours.

This is important to win supporters of all kinds – whether it be cash in the bank to support your programs and services or welcoming newcomers into the field.

So start thinking about OPP. Ask questions about OPP. Start conversations about OPP. Get down with OPP.