PMs, not BMs!

I’m going to invent an acronym in an already overly-acronymous world.

PM. Philanthropic Movement.

Philanthropy, from the Greek philanthropia, meaning “humanity, benevolence, kindliness.” Phil – loving, anthropia – mankind.

Movement. From the Latin movere, meaning “set in motion, disturb.”

Philanthropic movement. To set in motion for the love of all. Disturbing (the status quo) in a direction that betters humanity.

Why is there such a split between those who strive for this original meaning, and those who think the following:

Phil – dollah dollah bills

Anthropy – yo!

This is short sighted, ludicrous, and not at all useful. We’ve all experienced it and the grey hair/bruised foreheads from desk banging/tummy aches that comes with it.

If we want to work towards creating healthy, vibrant and connected communities, we are going to need to strive for this original meaning, and toss out the other for what it really is: A BM, not a PM.

Let’s rid the place of moral and philosophical constipation that’s bunging up the system and just move on with what’s at the root of it: setting in motion that which will create good things for all.