Should Your Non-Profit Have A Mobile App?


God no.

Okay. I’ll unfold my reasons here. Imagine this is one of those little flow/arrow charts.

1) Does your non-profit have a website?
If yes, see next question.
If no, you should probably get one.

2) Does your website suck?
If yes, make your website not suck.
If no, move forward.

3) Does your website suck on a smartphone?
If yes, make it suck less on a smartphone.
If no, move forward.

4) Would your app offer something that no one else is offering that would be so incredible that people’s MINDS WOULD BE BLOWN?
If no, keep focused on your website, social media, and the billions of other things you could be worrying about.
If yes, move forward.

5) Do you have money to make an app?
If yes, you’re lying. Or have better things to spend money on.
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