Some things about me

Is truthful Tuesday still a thing? Well, in that spirit, I’m going to tell you a few things about me and how I approach things around here.

1) I’m not an expert.

And neither is anyone else. There are certainly people out there who are famous in their amount of success or notoriety they’ve gained in their field. But for every success they’ve had, I’m sure they have just as many stories about failure.

We really don’t have room or time for experts nowadays, or people who spend their time legitimizing their expertise. Things move fast. And what worked today or yesterday might not and likely won’t work tomorrow.

We have something to learn from each other. And we can’t learn if we don’t share. I want to argue (in the philosophical sense) and debate (in the non-political sense.) I need to be wrong as much as I hope to be right.

Expert. From the Latin “experiri” – meaning “to try.” As in someone who has tried a lot.

2) I like to swear on occasion.

Shit. Bugger. Damn. Fuck. Fuck. Piss.

We’re all real people and these are real words. And they are fun to say! Someone once said that curse words are for uneducated people. Well, whoever said that can get fucked. Anyone who says that swearing isn’t necessary to get things done hasn’t given birth to a nine pound baby.

Thirteen minutes of pushing, I’ll add.

Shit ya, that’s right!

This is a blog. This isn’t an official document, an annual report, an organisational policy, or a training manual. Though perhaps if we made the language in these documents more approachable, more accessible and more fun, more people would want to read them.

The bottom line: I’ve probably used more swear words in this paragraph than I will for the next several weeks in this blog, but they tend to fly out on occasion.

3) I want to laugh at myself, at you, at the world.

“Sheena often uses inappropriate humour and seeks attention in negative ways.”

I’ll never forget that 9th grade report card. It caused quite a stir around my house. My mom had a fit. My dad and I high fived, and then made fun of my mom. As a kid, I had trouble striking the perfect balance between my questioning of authority and my need to make fun of it. As a grown up, I’ve found a way to balance this in my professional world, but I think that asking questions and laughing crucial to getting things done.

4) I think the world sucks and I hope good people can make it suck less.

I was raised by a farmer on a heavy diet of George Carlin. I have a built in cynicism mechanism. I can be a bit of a curmudgeon. But I’m also one of the most loving and caring person you’ll ever meet… often to a fault.

I remember having a coffee with an old co-worker, and we agreed: “Dammit, people suck. But goddammit if I don’t love them anyways and want to help.”

5) My dad taught me lessons through music, and I’ll try to do the same.

What does Run DMC have to do with community development? Roxette and great communications? Montell Jordan and the perfect case for support? David Byrne and organisational storytelling?

There’s just a teaser for posts to come