Your Passive Language is Bullshit


“When you came out of mommy’s tummy…”
“Fluffy went to gerbil heaven…”
“Your Aunt Linda gets a little silly when she drinks too many grown up soda pops…”
“Children in our city struggle with hunger…”
“These statistics are particularly concerning…”
“This has a detrimental effect on children’s ability to learn…”
These are all bullshit, passive statements. 
The first three are euphemisms we use with children to save their feelings and avoid the truth.
The last three are euphemisms YOU ARE USING WITH YOUR DONORS.
The effect? The same. You’re avoiding the truth and saving their feelings.
But there’s a huge problem here.
Our donors aren’t children. And we need them to feel something real if they are going to give a damn about the work we’re trying to get them to help us with.
So stop with the passive bullshit and go for the jugular.
Kids in your city are going to bed hungry. 
This is reality. And it is scary. 
When kids are hungry, they can’t focus in school. 
And your Aunt Linda is an angry drunk.