The Colludo Philosophy

by Sheena Greer

Complexity, Simply Stated

I wanted to write novels and scripts, but instead learning to read old English and write long-winded arguments about the poetic metres of 20th century verse. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with the idea that I could work and think hard to make things better, and that long-windedness was best saved for making balloon animals.

I am a writer

I have been a writer since I was old enough to hold a pen.

We all tell stories, but you need to tell great stories. I can do that for you.

I am not writing for you. I am writing for your audience. The space between where they are and where you sit is slowing you down.

I write for people – hearts, minds, souls and guts. I don’t write for robots.

I write damn hard, damn fast.

I believe in quality over quantity. Twenty five perfect words trump two hundred and fifty mediocre ones every time.

I say in few words what most say in many.

Let's Play Together

I like big ideas. I want to hear all about yours.

I genuinely like what I do. You do, too. So this hard work should be fun.

I approach my work with playful and collaborative passion. Colludo is Latin for “play together.”

Play can get messy. Awesome things happen when you play with Legos and paper dolls and trains at the same time. Let’s try something different.

I consider myself a midwife for your great ideas. I’m here to support you through your biggest endeavours, allowing you to do what you need to do and kick some serious ass!

I grew up on a farm. I get frugality, I get that you want to do it yourself. I practice “DIY-WOH” – do it yourself, with our help.

I believe in love at first sight. Let me fall in love with what you do so I can help others fall in love, too.

Trust Me

I respect your history. I value where you’ve come from, I’ll honour where you are. Let me help you go somewhere new.

I ask tough questions. I shoot from the hip. I’m honest. I’m direct. I play Devil’s Avocado. I’m contrary. I’m not contrary!

I answer your questions. I am patient. I have a giant heart. You may have seen it. It’s on my sleeve. You can’t miss it. It’s so big it would bust the Grinch Who Stole Christmas’s bizarre heart-measuring device on contact.

Stop complaining about your brother & start helping him.

Philanthropy is a word that has been stolen and misappropriated by rich white dudes in linen pants. It simply means love of humanity.

We all have a right to it, and for the love of humanity let’s inject it into everything we do.

Let's kick ass at doing good.