At Colludo, play is serious business.

Okay, it’s really not.

But I think play is a powerful agent of disruption and change. I think if we can come together and approach big problems in new and different and unorthodox ways, great things can happen.

Enter, the Colludo Playdate

One day. A handful of nonprofiteers. Big ideas. Hard questions. And play.

Playdates are loosely organised to be...

A day away from the desk to do something silly, fun and completely unorthodox
A day to spend getting to know some other people in the sector
A day to look at problems in whatever sideways, unusual, or “heretical” ways possible
A day to think about what we can do as individuals and a group to create more awesome
A day to just pause, and begin
A day to feel safe

What people are saying about the Playdate

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