Healthy Boundaries, Happy Workers: A Guided Workbook


Healthy boundaries in the workplace is a subject I’ve spoke about A LOT in the past couple of years.

Most recently, I was able to speak to a really great group of fundraisers at the Fundraising Career Conference about why those of us who work in the sector are so prone to having difficulties maintaining our boundaries, and 13 steps that you can take to start forming stronger boundaries in your workplace and beyond.

Those steps are…

  1. Know yourself – Who are you and what do you need?
  2. Shift your mind – Allow yourself to recognize that it’s okay to have boundaries.
  3. Begin to define –  Start with a small list of things that really bother you and you’d like to see change.
  4. Start to communicate – Do your best to find ways to discuss your needs.
  5. Prepare for violations – Be proactive for when violations happen.
  6. Discuss violations as they happen – Do this as soon as you can, and not let yourself stew on it.
  7. Use structure in meaningful ways – Our biggest example here is useless meetings without structure.
  8. Manage your time (so others can’t take it from you) – Review your own productivity.
  9. Reward and thank those who have helped – Gratitude helps reinforce good behaviour.
  10. Reciprocate with others – Look to mend ways you may have been pushing through others’ boundaries, too.
  11. Flex when you feel it is necessary – Learn to navigate when others may need some extra help.
  12. Be gentle on yourself when you make a misstep – When we give more than we wanted to, recognize that these things happen to all of us and move on.
  13. Review and rethink on a regular basis – We’re constantly shifting and changing, and so should our relationships with others, and ourself!

Because we covered so much in the hour long webinar, I wanted to leave folks with a little something they could use on their own time to help them work through those 13 steps. And today, I’d like to share it with you, too!

Download the free workbook here.

My only request is that if you use it and you find it helpful, please let me know.

If you want to read more about boundaries and watch a presentation I delivered in partnership with Charity Village last fall, you can find that on their site.