colludo: a definition

I love words. As an undergraduate studying Medieval English, I had the pleasure of digging deep into the roots of the English language. I was struck by the number of beautiful words that have since been attached to such negative connotations.

Conspire. We think sneaky, we think cheating. Secret plans made in dark back rooms by powerful men in trench coats who wish to do harm.

When we break that word down into Latin, something beautiful arises.

Con – with.

Spiro – I breathe.

With, I breathe. Conspire literally means to breathe together.

Isn’t there power in that image? An entire community of people conspiring, breathing together.

What about the word collude?

Similarly, it has become a secretive, misleading and deceiving act.

And the breakdown?

Col – with

Ludo – I play

With, I play. To play together.

As I am struck by the image of a community breathing as one, I am struck by the image of a community joyfully coming together to play.

When you were a child and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, your answer likely had little to do with money, stress, or devoting 8 hours of your day to something that gives you tummy aches. It was likely something awesome like a fireman, a scientist, an artist, or a dinosaur. Your answer was fueled with your 6-year-old ideas of what work was: play. Certainly, being a real fireman or scientist or artist or dinosaur isn’t all fun and games. But imagine if we approached our work with that kind of joy, that kind of unabashed excitement.

What if every day we worked with that wild belief that our play was important, and innovative, and could make a difference? Because let’s remember another truth about being 6 – we truly believed that what we did would matter. We had no concept of working for ill gains. All ideas were great ideas. We grew universes out of sandboxes and tree forts and bedroom floors scattered with toys – our tools, our capacity builders, our collateral, our business assets. The world was ours: a place to play together.

This is the philosophy behind Colludo. I want to do great things, and I know you want to do great things. I think we can do great things together. We live in a world where thinking together, learning together, and playing together is no longer inhibited by who or where we are.

Let’s play together to make good things happen.