Monday Morning Mugshots – January 12, 2015


Well happy freakin’ New Year!

We’re two weeks in. How are you doing? Still going to the gym? Still not eating entire bags of chips? Still trying to be patient with your mother’s incessant questions about why you didn’t just get a regular job like your sister?

I’ve never really liked resolutions, and yet every December I find myself reflecting and planning. In this exercise, we can’t help but make promises to ourselves to be better, to do better, to eat better, to live better. But this year, December was too insane for me to think through such things. So I find myself two weeks in, and still planning and reflecting.

You know what? It feels pretty great.

It feels great because there was no day one. Right now, everyday is day one. Thinking ahead and reflecting while not being in a Christmas cookie coma is somehow more useful and meaningful. And at this moment, my calendar isn’t stressing me.

Why do we feel the need to reflect en mass and arbitrarily? Yes, a calendar is a comfortable unit of measure, but if I’ve learned anything through my adult life it’s that reflection needs to be regular, our growth should be constant, and you should never drink the water from a long noodle soup.

Monday’s aren’t generally a day for a reflection. They’re a day for getting a move on. For starting the grind. Again. For “put the coffee on Linda, this report is due Friday and all 4 of my children have pink eye!” And yet Monday is still one of my favourite days for reflection.

I think healthy reflection is a practice we don’t see enough of in the nonprofit world. We aren’t taking enough time to consider our victories, or discuss our complete fucking disasters. And while I’m not advocating for your to become a navel-gazing d-hole, I think that we all could use the opportunity to consider more deeply our ways of living in and interacting with the world.

Now, for some great reading to kick off your week.

Why not start with Holstee’s wonderful essay – why you shouldn’t try to make this year your best year yet.

Here’s a great article from Bloomerang on things you should do to your nonprofit website to start the year.

While you’re at it, consider starting a blog. I’ve got some points to consider and a free resource to get your started.

Reading lists are always sweet, especially when they don’t contain a list of the usual suspects. I really liked Kivi Leroux Miller’s list, and even have a list of my own to get your 2015 library started.

I always love Wild Woman Fundraising’s more personal posts. Here she’s made a list of more things she wants for 2015… what’s on your list?

And for a slice of practical advice, my husband Phil discusses how to make your passwords more secure to be safer online in 2015.

What do I want more of in 2015?

More great opportunities to do good work. More time reading and writing and less time fucking around online. More time baking rainbow cat cupcakes with my son. More time being present instead of rushing around from task to task.

I seriously post this so often, but it’s a great way to start. A year. A week. A day. A lunch hour. Watch “An Invocation For Beginnings” and fill my comments with your thoughts about starting a new year… two weeks in.

PS – Are you in Saskatoon? Do you work for a nonprofit? I encourage you to join me and others at the first Salon Colludo of the year – an evening of networking for people working for and interested in the nonprofit sector! Contact me for more details!