Monday Morning Mugshots – August 18, 2014


Good Morning, Happy New Years, & Happy Colludo!

Today marks a few different things.

  • It is the beginning of a brand new week, another chance to do good work for my community.
  • It marks a year since making the decision to leave my role at one shop to open the doors to many.
  • It marks the re-launch of a site that started a year ago on tumblr, then moved to WordPress, and has since grown into one of the safest places my mind has ever known.

In other words, today is a special day. It’s kind of like New Years, only no smoochy drunks or novelty glasses that worked for a decade and have long since stopped being novel.

It’s a day of reflection…

As I reflect, there are so many wonderful moments from the past 365 days. The last mugshot selfie I took at my old desk. Reading and absorbing as much as I can about the field and navigating it as a rogue freelance consultant conshmultant. Attending my first conference on my own (the feeling of seeing my name on that badge is strangely earthshaking.) I found my first clients, forged my first relationships, and began to make a name for myself as the girl who writes – damn fast, damn hard, and damn well. Meeting so many new friends in the field, both locally and across the country, some of whom even send me mail. I got my own office space. Then I got another office space that even has a window! I had my first speaking engagement.

And that’s just the professional side of things. This was also my first year of marriage to Phil, after so much time spent merging our households and healing past hurts, this year was a gift. I turned 30. I got to see both oceans again. My son turned 5. We took our first family vacation, marking my son’s first airplane ride and the first time we all fit in the same vehicle. I started new personal writing projects. We planted our first garden together, bottled our first batch of wine (made with fruit from our very own trees.) We drove across the province in search of adventure, and found pints of Boh and deep fried pickle spears. Upon reflection, it was perfect.

…and a day of looking ahead.

In the last year I gathered more steam than I ever could have imagined. So to start this week off, to start this year off, to start this new site off, I’ll introduce to you 4 projects I am starting this year.



A concept that didn’t quite get off the ground last year, but will kick off this fall. A Twitter chat devoted to nonprofit people in Saskatchewan. Read more here. 

Random Acts of Snacks

A random act of kindness is something awesome you do. A snack is something delicious you eat. What would happen if you brought the two together? Read more here. 

Jam Sammich

Two people. One conversation. No direction. Limitless ideas. Read more here. 

Colludo Playdates/Salon Colludo

What happens when a small group of nonprofit professionals come together for a day of thinking, sharing, silliness and beer? And what if that extended into a night of talk and action? Read more here. 


Here’s to new beginnings

And to starting exactly where you are with exactly what you have.

Our pencils are sharp enough, and even the dull ones will make a mark.