Monday Morning Mugshots – August 25, 2014


Play is transformation. It is a step outside the everyday. It’s a new approach. It is seen as frivolous, but in truth play is necessary to create change.

On Thursday, August 21st, seven of us gathered to think, to plan, and to play. My goal in planning this day was to create a safe place to talk about things affecting each of us in our different roles. We all work with and for local nonprofits, each coming from varying chairs. This wasn’t going to be a typical exercise – it was going to be active, silly, and conversation-driven.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I think the six participants felt the same.

We walked through several activities, from talking about our pain points, to exploring the things we love most about the sector and our roles, and affirming the things we are best at.


With the help of Neil Diamond, handmade pom pom monsters, rooftop freezies, and each other, we came to a lot of realizations about what we have in common, and what we want to do to make our sector more vibrant, more collaborative, and more safe.

We need strong leaders | We need to lead.

This was just one of many ideas that came out of this day. We talked about the need for strong, active leadership : ensuring that this remains a verb, and not a passive noun. The best way we could think of was to be active leaders ourselves – in our organisations, and in the broader community.

We then settled in for an evening of networking at Salon Colludo – where anyone in the sector or interested in the sector could come together for a drink, some food, and conversation. I was thrilled by the turnout – not a huge quantity, but the quality of conversations and relationships started were incredible.

This is just a small taste of what happened at the first Colludo Playdate – there is more to come. But as I start the week, I reflect on this experience as one of the most powerful I’ve had so far, and begin the tasks at hand with renewed energy and commitment.

My “F.I.L.D.I.” score feels pretty high today – fuck it, let’s do it, because we must, and we can.

Stay tuned. Another Playdate will be happening later this fall, and I’ll be looking for participants. Contact me if you’re interested.¬†There will be more networking events planned in the near future, too.


Colludo Playdate Participants – August 21, 2014

These are six of the most dedicated, intelligent, kick-ass people I’ve ever met. I’m in awe of every single one of them.

Brain Hoessler, Strong Roots Consulting

Desiree Tirk, READ Saskatoon

Renata Cosic, International Women of Saskatoon

Andrea Kopylech, Fundraising Pharmacy

DeeAnn Mercier, The Lighthouse Supported Living

Shaun Dyer, John Howard Society of Saskatchewan