Monday Morning Mugshots – September 1, 2014


Holy crap it’s September.

I felt it in my knees weeks ago – autumn is upon us. My thoughts always shift to home – the farm. I’m lucky it’s still only a hour or so away, but I miss the smells of harvest that you just don’t get in the city. At the same time, my thoughts look forward – fall has always felt like a renewal for me. So many new things start in fall.

I am grateful for this feeling of nostalgia, as well as the promise of the new.

What’s new this week?

My baby starts Kindergarten.

I will host our first ever #sknpchat.

I will make my first Jam Sammich with the INCREDIBLE Beth Ann Locke, whose beautiful laughing face is featured in today’s image, as well as one of the awesome cards she’s sent me.

I’ll also be speaking to a group of volunteers from Canadian Parents for French.

What’s making me nostalgic?

Reading through Fundraiser Beth’s old posts – it was a year ago that I first connected with her, and immediately looked up to her as a source of wisdom, compassion, and inspiration.

When I ventured out on my own, one of my first coffees was with Sheryl Harrow of READ Saskatoon. I’ve known her for a decade and have really enjoyed getting to work with her again. She’s fantastic!

Three years ago I transitioned from being a stay at home mom to being a single working mom. One of the first gigs I had at my new job was working with Saskatchewan Association for Community Living on creating a video for their volunteer breakfast. I wrote the script and edited the video. The music was also written by my son’s father – it was a testament to our commitment to our son that we could even work together on a project, and I’m really proud of both of us.

Welcome to September! Here’s to the perfect mix of looking back, looking forward, and being right where we need to be.