Monday Morning Mugshots – September 15, 2014


Three truths and a lie.

My son has started kindergarten, which makes me realize my kids are growing up way too fast. Your kids probably are, too.  Are you present? 

My friend Mike Primavera is a charming cartoon plumber. But being a plumber, or any kind of entrepreneur is hard. Are you thinking about quitting your desk job to go out on your own? Have you thought this through? 

A few weeks ago I did my first Jam Sammich with the absolutely incredible Beth Ann Locke.  Later this week, you’ll get to read all about it. In typical Fundraiser Beth fashion, she send an amazing thank you note in the mail.

I am the World’s Greatest Fisherman.

But this brings me to this week’s thought. Fall is busy. You’ve got a lot going on. I’m guessing that sometime in the last couple weeks, things have felt pretty overwhelming. Those feelings are often accompanied by some pretty dark self talk.

How am I going to do this?

Will I be able to stay afloat?

When am I going to sleep?

Am I going to get through this?

The fall crush is hard, no matter how much we prepare for it. My suggestion? For every dark thought you have, write it down along with three positive thoughts. Keep those sticky notes on your desk, in your day planner, on your forehead, or where ever you need them.

You’re going to continue to kick ass.

And if you need some extra encouragement, pick up the phone or open an email tab. Call in your support team! And if you need a bit extra, call me.

Be well, my friends.