Monday Morning Mugshots – January 26, 2015


Sometimes, everything is amazing and not what you expected all at once. Sometimes when things don’t work they work out for the best.

Last week, I held another Playdate. It was absolutely incredible, and I will write more about it at some point. I’m still somewhat mending. You see, while it was one of the best days of my life, it is always very difficult. As a painfully introverted individual who also happens to love collaborating with lots of awesome people, the things that inspire me sometimes also leave me a little wrecked. I’m still recharging. And still brimming with excitement. The day was incredible!

My husband had a wild week at work, too. We planned to head out of town to the place we go to recharge – the little un-winterized cabin owned by his parents just an hour out of town. We packed the vehicle with soul food and whisky and sped down that familiar and exciting prairie highway that takes us to the place we long for almost everyday. The cabin is freezing when we get there – we need to start a fire and turn on the stove to warm it up. Only problem? Something is wrong with the fireplace and none of the smoke is escaping. The cabin fills with smoke. After slight brain damage, we decide we need to leave. Hearts bruised from disappointment, we drive back down that prairie highway in the dark.

When we’re at home, we can’t help but work our sacks off. This won’t be relaxing or recharging at all, we think. 

But we were wrong. We managed to unplug for the weekend. We planned, we schemed, we dreamed, and got rid of all the pent up stresses of the week. And we didn’t do a bit of housework.

The moral? Not sure. Life doesn’t always have a moral. Sometimes what we love most is hard to do. Sometimes what we really want doesn’t happen but other cool shit still happens. Sometimes eating gas station jerky and potato salad is the best medicine. Sometimes the artwork at Dairy Queen in a small Saskatchewan town captures everything you feel. Sometimes all you feel is burgers.

And then Monday comes and you look forward to another week of stories that don’t always have morals. Of moments where the significance could never be blogged. Like a universe unfolding before you, a poorly prepared bacon cheeseburger that is fucking perfectly delicious and atrocious and everything you could ever want all the same.