March 5th #sknpchat – Evaluating Your Organisation


Thursday, March 5th – 11:00 am Central Time

This month’s #sknpchat will be hosted by Brian Hoessler of Strong Roots Consulting – our topic this month is evaluation!

Evaluation of your organisation and its programs can be tricky business. Knowing what you need to collect, who you should be telling, and what you can do with the information can be difficult, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Here are our questions:

Q1 What experiences does your organisation have with evaluation?

Q2 What kind of information do you collect on a regular basis?

Q3 How are evaluation results used in your organisation? Who do you share results with?

Q4 Do you have any evaluation success stories to share?

Q5 What challenges do you face in evaluating your programs?

Q6 What would help your organisation conduct better evaluations?

Have you participated in a Twitter chat before? Here are some tips to get started.

1) Follow @sknpchat – this account will be used to post questions and moderate discussion.

2) Follow @colludos – that’s me! – I will serve as moderator until I have some awesome volunteers (wink wink)

3) Answer each question in the appropriate format – start with A1 and end with #sknpchat – this ensures that when I capture a transcript, your insights will be included, in order. Example: “A1 Our organisation’s biggest challenge is retaining great staff #sknpchat”

4) Follow the hashtag and start chatting! You can use a 3rd party app like TweetChat if you like.

5) It’s helpful to warn your followers that there may be a heavy Tweet volume on your feed for this time. Sometimes people get grouchy because of this kind of thing.

6) Be kind, respectful, and welcoming. Any kind of abusive language will not be tolerated. I encourage you to swear when necessary, but don’t be a jerk to other participants!

7) Take side conversations “off line” – ie, don’t @ or # personal chats in to the chat timeline. It’s exciting to make connections, but the aim of the hashtag is to keep the information sorted neatly.

8) Have fun! Be witty. Be silly. Be poignant. Take risks. Make bold statements. The fun thing about Twitter is it forces us to use language sparingly. This often creates an environment for amazing one-liners.