A million plus strong, Saskatchewan’s population is that of a small global city spread geographically across a space the size of several small countries. Our people are innovative, and our needs are diverse.

With diverse needs, we need intelligent and well-equipped professionals to help deal with the many social problems we face. In the nonprofit sector, it is difficult to find adequate resources to fulfill your organisation’s mission. In Saskatchewan, the population and needs are truly as broad as our borders. And we need to employ our innovative prairie spirit to make great things happen.

This is the idea behind #sknpchat – a hashtag, a learning experience, a social experiment.

The goal: to host one social sector focused chat per month, on a variety of topics – from communications, to fundraising, to strategy, to governance. Ideally, these chats would be hosted by provincial experts, with questions curated from all over the province from people who are working in nonprofit and community-based organisations. This hour long “Twitter Chat” would give us the opportunity to not only learn from each other, but grow a stronger community of professionals who can work together to solve some of our biggest social issues.

Are you in? Follow @sknpchat, and email me if you are interested in hosting a specific topic. You need not be a nonprofit professional to be involved – all professionals who would like to share their expertise are welcome.