Hire Me To Kick Ass

Here's a taste of what I can do for you!

Communications Strategy
Fundraising Solutions
Facilitation & Speaking

How I Do It

You are awesome.

You are also really busy doing awesome things. You are, after all, making the world a better place. But sometimes you just don't have time to do the things that really need to get done.

Like the newsletter. The blog. The annual report. Eating your lunch. Leaving your office on time.

You've also got great ideas- something that MUST be done, something that needs to be changed.

Sometimes you simply have no idea where to start.

Enter, Colludo. It's time to kick ass at doing good.

(now please... eat your lunch)

Your Idea

Becomes Our Mission

We Work Our Magic

You Watch Your Idea Soar

Why I Do It

Simply put, I am a writer.

I have been in love with language my entire life. I chase the perfect words to express emotion powerfully, elegantly and with compelling simplicity. It is my calling.

With this calling comes the natural ability to understand how we can best say what needs to be said and who we should be saying it to.

Let me do what I do best for your organisation.